Discográficas no pierden dinero por P2P

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Everybody keeps saying how much money the artists and record companies are losing because of P2P. I got news for you, the artist isnt making anything less. Its all a bunch of crock to keep the record companies in the headlines.

Artists are secure and arent making less money. Thats a bunch of bullshit. An Artist has a record contract. He may make probably a dollar on each CD he sales, even if the cd costs in the store $16. I mean Michael Jackson, who makes the most off his CD sales gets no more than $3 per disk.

Bands make all of their money going on tours travelling around the world. The concert ticket sells for $30, if the band or artist is good the ticket sales for a couple hundred, and if your Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion, the ticket sales for a couple of thousand. Who gives a fuck about a dollar residual for a record sale?

$1 less of a cd sale or more doesnt compare to the proceeds gained from the touring. That's like having a generic Led Zep tshirt and their record corporate assholes yell that is copyright infringement causing Led Zep to lose millions!

They didnt loose what was never theres. Nobody stole any money here. You lose what you had in the first place in your hand. Since Napstar Revolution (yes I know Napster!) They never had my money in their hands.

Besides, how many people really would purchase the disks? People like P2P because they can create their own disks according to their own liking. A little bit of variety.

I read a post from a guy who mentioned on ESV's forum something interesting. "If record stores would allow people to create there own CD's at the record store, their sales would probably go up"

Thats what's good about P2P. You can create your own CD's to your own liking. Not everybody likes every song of an artist that appears on a CD. In fact, very few artists come out with a cd that every song is just great. So why not fill up the gaps where the shit songs appear.

If the CD stores would incorporate professional mixing equiptment to do professional DDD music transfers onto CD's on the spot and create disks as requested by the customer, and perhaps even some custom art albums to choose how you want your CD decorated, they would pick up where they left off years ago and make bundles of money and the record companies would have the opportunity to join the program.

Obviously they would have to do it real cheap to get peoples attention, but it may be worth it and maybe they'd make some of that money that they claim they lost.

Obviously this would kill the record industry as we know it today, but then again, I think that the market is shot anyway and they best get to thinking about alternatives cause pretty soon, the only fucking cd anybody will buy is a blank one.

Again, they didnt lose shit cause you lose only what you had in your hand in the first place, not something theoretical that is only at best a statistical number that cant be proven.

P2P promotes artist. Artist know that they dont make shit off of CD sales, so getting the music out there promotes people to come to their concerts.

But again, Instead the record companies bitch on TV and we spam ZP and bitch back!

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